The average family home contains thousands of items we don’t really need, and living in all the clutter is making us miserable. Imagine if every single item in your home were laid out before you, so you could decide what to keep, and what to lose?

Since commissioned as a 6-part series, I was Shooting PD on the pilot which saw Stacey Solomon and her gang – organizer Dilly, carpenter Rob and cleaner Iwan – challenge one family to sort their lives out in 7 days, by letting go of half their possessions. The team then had to beautifully reorganise the family’s home with a budget friendly makeover and upcycling what they already had.


Production Company:


Senior Producer:

Demi Doyle

Series Director:

James Callum

Executive Producers:

Charlotte Brookes, Tina Flintoff, Nick Hornby

Commissioning Editor:

Emily Smith

TX April 2021