Mary Portas, the same age as Barbie herself, ventures into the world of the blonde bombshell to find out how she’s managing to survive in today’s increasingly gender-neutral world. Global sales are down by 14%. They’ve been falling steadily for the last three years. Barbie’s crown is threatening to slip. So how will Mattel’s decision to introduce a Plus Size Barbie in 2016 and ever more realistic versions in 2017 play out? Will it recharge the global brand or could Barbie’s days as an icon be numbered?


Production Company:

Sundog Pictures

Filmed, Produced & Directed:

Rachel Tracy

Assistant Producer:

Lewis Hatfull

Executive Producers:

Dov Freedman, Sam Anthony


Paul Holland

Commissioning Editor:

Liz Wootton

TX October 2017


‘Critics’ Choice’ in The Sunday Times and ‘Pick of the Day’ in The Guardian and The Sun